• If there was a minute‚Äôs silence for every Gurkha casualty from World War 2 alone, we would have to keep quiet for two weeks Gurkha graves are spread across the face of the earth in nearly every country in which Britain has fought

    Silent testament to Gurkha Loyalty and Courage., BGWS

Our services

The British Gurkha Welfare Society is the largest welfare organisation run by Gurkhas for Gurkhas in the UK and Nepal, and was founded in 2004 to cater for the needs of the many ex-servicemen and their families returning to the UK. The remit of the Society is to seek equality of treatment for Gurkhas.

Based in Farnborough, the BGWS provides a range of welfare and immigration services to Gurkhas and Nepali citizens, also maintaining close contact with local authorities across the country with sizeable Gurkha populations, and representing the Gurkha community at the highest levels in Westminster.

Our members include hundreds of former Gurkha soldiers, along with an associate membership of British officers, senior police officers and government employees. We are also fortunate to maintain a network of honorary members from the friends of the BGWS.

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