1. The Committee will comprise of the following:

  • Chairman
  • Vice Chairman
  • Secretaries
  • Treasurers
  • Area Representatives
  • PR Cell
  • Advisers
  • Office Staff
2. Chairman: Voted by all members he will take the lead on all matters on behalf of the Society. He will be the focal point for all correspondence and the only person responsible to sign on behalf of the Society. He will be responsible to call and hold meetings as and when necessary. The tour of duty for the Chairman will be for two years, extendable should it be necessary and agreed by all.

3. Vice-Chairman: Voted by all members he will support the Chairman to carry out his responsibilities and act on his behalf in his absence. The tour of duty for the Vice-Chairman will be for two years, extendable should it be necessary and agreed by all.

4. Secretary: Voted by all members he will be responsible to arrange meetings as directed by the Chairman and take the minutes of the meeting. He will be the liaison point between the central committee and the area representatives. Their tour of duty will be for two years, extendable should it be necessary and agreed by all.

5. Treasurers: There will be two Treasures at any one time, voted by all the members. They are the only members authorised by the Bank to sign cheques on behalf of the Society. Prior to any payments being made it must be authorised and cleared with the Chairman and all committee members. All transactions must be transparent and the accounting procedure simple to understand. Entry of each and every transaction, receipt and payment, must be kept for an audit. The state of the account must be produced in every meeting. An annual audit will be carried out a select team.

6. Area Representatives: Individual members may volunteer and be voted by all members. They play an important part in ensuring that all members within their area are kept well informed. They will attend all committee meetings and be responsible to dispense the outcome to all their area members. They will be the focal point of contact for their area and the link with the central committee. Prior to a central meeting they should hold a meeting of their own to receive feed back from the members for general discussion and inclusion in the main agenda. Dependent on the size of the members in their areas, they may approach members for voluntary assistance.

7. PR Cell: Responsible to gather and channel relevant information effecting the Society and disseminating public relation materials in the interest of the Society.

8. Advisers: All members are considered to be advisers on the overall decision. A select panel will be established as and when required.

9. Office Staff: They will be responsible to maintain information on all members centrally. They will be the focal point for all correspondence. Individual files in respect of each and every member will be held in the Office containing relevant information and copies of personal documents authenticated and checked against the original. They will be responsible for the maintenance of all office equipment and the security of the information held. Office working hours will be:

0900 hrs to 1700 hrs : Mon to Fri
0900 hrs to 1200 hrs : Sat on prior arrangements for emergency matters only.

Members Eligibility for the three categories of members will be as follows:

  • a. Full Members. All Gurkha ex-servicemen/serving members and their dependents.
  • b. Associate Members. British servicemen who served the Brigade or have any Gurkha connection.
  • c. Honorary Members. Friends of the Society - any member of the Public who either wish to join the Society or are voted by the members.
Note: Only full members will have the right to vote. Associate Members are permitted to act as advisers.