The British Gurkha Welfare Society is the first Nepali organization in the UK and perhaps internationally to own a property, appropriately named Gurkha Bhawan.  It serves the purpose of a community hall, reception room and offices for BGWS, Gurkha Resources, Everest Times and Radio BGWS extending to the station itself.

Gurkha Bhawan was born out of necessity while the purchasing power was borne by all the members.  The intention has always remained to reimburse the amount owed to each member.  As agreed unanimously during the AGM held at Oak Farm Community Hall on 10 February withdrawals can be requested but the date of payment will depend on the financial state.

With the advent of time and the change in circumstances BGWS established an investment wing namely Gurkha Resources who now own the property. All those who still remain on the books are now counted as investors and share holders of the property.  The Gurkha Resources Office has made every effort to contact all the individuals concerned to reconfirm their stand ie whether they wish to remain as investors or would prefer their share to be reimbursed. However despite all our efforts we have still not heard from many members and as such have now made a final call for responses, utilising the Nepali newspapers, Radio BGWS and Nepali TV, stating that should we not hear from the investors by 31 March 2012 the Executive Board will decide the disposal of the unclaimed shares.